Managerial Leadership

Assignment Requirements: Case Study


Dear writer
this is a case study that consists of videos and a paper that will all be attached to the order(if possible)or sent via email to the website.
i will try to clarify the professor’s requirements (with his own words) so that it will be clear for you.
*you become the people in the case and act upon it.
*identify who are the key people, who are the influencers and who they influence.
*what are the issues in the case (as if you are an analyst
*what are the priorities.
*what data i need to make assumptions and build around it.
*look at all the options (strategic and other)
*always explain thoroughly why you chose the selected option and why we neglected the other options.
*always explain and defend what you are doing and not doing.
*BE VERY STRUCTURED AND FOCUSED.(brief introduction-2 paragraphs-, issues, analysis, options) u can add more please.
*the paper has no place for opinion.
*what actions you recommend and why.
*use all relevant management and leadership theories in the case(wether it was SWOT, Kotter change steps, and many more)
*site books and academic papers.(those are the sources he wants us to use)
*do a good analysis
*please try to cover all the issues and structure your thoughts and finish the points to the max.
*offer several options, choose one and state why
*must have a clear and academic structure.
*if we evaluate anything by saying (smart, bad, or any adjective)we must mention on what measures.


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