Assignment Requirements


Review SABIC supplier selection process (selection means buyer selection of suppliers to send RFQ to, not supplier qualification)

I think this is our supplier selection process if you have more write about it.

Services selection process,

1-      End-user preferences

2-      Team experience

3-      Known for low cost

4-      Global contract is placed

5-      Personal experience with supplier

Material selection process

1-      Manufacture name

2-      Local Agents

3-      Material history and MDRM

4-      General traders

5-      Experience

Then brainstorm to find the risks with this process and its likelihood of occurrence and impact of SABIC, then write about the action to reduce or prevent those risks you may use the following tools to summarize your writing (to have more words count)

# Risk Effect Probability Impact Risk Score Action Responsible

Assessing Overall Risk Criticality


Slides (6-11,176,182) exercises (risk in procurement) page 3-5 to help

2- , write about sustainability and definitions and areas, then what sustainable procurement means,

Evaluate SABIC sustainability and where its now (exercises 5-6) same is below pic and attachment

Draft a table as in page 5 in exercises. Talk about it more

then write about suggestions on how to apply sustainability in SABIC procurement and enhance it, for example,

1-      Energy optimizations

2-      Reduce printing

3-      Order sustainable materials

4-      Order recyclable materials

5-      Order environmental friendly materials .


Then write about what we can do (process across procurement) to select sustainable suppliers for example,

1-      supplier qualification can evaluate suppliers sustainability to qualify them for vendor number (you can draft a form here )









Supplier name

Criteria of sustainability Low score Mid High remarks

Total score

Approved                                                                            declined

Also what buyers can do to select sustainable suppliers, for example can ask for their sustainability plans related to the job the supplier is executing.

Write and suggest process to select sustainable suppliers and develop sustainable procurement – this will help

Slides (87-88)


For more words you can use to talk about what areas (categories) procurement should focus on to develop its sustainability plans in priority using this tools     slide 177-180 :


Identify risks associated with our procurement existing contracts or activities using this tool  slides (172-176)

You can follow this or some of it or develop your own report, read the question first and the (learning outcomes to be tested) they wrote what they expect the paper to be and show.


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