Maritime Geography and Economics

Assignment Requirements

The shipping industry is central to the issue of global security being responsible for the transport of almost all terrorist materials at some stage, the large majority of illegal substances and a substantial proportion of illegal immigrants as well as being a major player in the movement of highly valued and sensitive cargoes such as oil and nuclear waste. As Chairman/Chairwoman of the (fictitious) Global Commission for the Improvement of Maritime Security it is your job to produce proposals for economic policies for the shipping sector that will be suited to the globalised world and which will have a tangible effect in improving maritime security. The proposals need to be (reasonably) feasible; politically acceptable; popular amongst your ‘electorate’ and yet show evidence of new ideas. You are nationally independent and must show no national or other existing organisational bias.

Marks will be allocated for:

An explanation of the main issues that need to be addressed.

An understanding of the main issues that relate to maritime security

Strength of argument

Appreciation of the background to the proposals

Novelty (and practicality) of the proposals

Understanding of the key issues

Clarity of expression

Use of appropriate examples


Sources /referencing


Quality of English