Market Segmentation

Assignment Requirements


Write a paper dealing with the following:

a) There are five different bases for market segmentation: geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioristic, and benefit.
Using illustrations from the Websites listed below, describe how these segmentation schemes can be applied to the following health and beauty products:

Oral-B (

Urban Decay (

Just for Men (

(Note: keep in mind that certain segmentation methods will be easier to apply than others in each case. You must discuss each segmentation process as it applies to each product. For example, you must discuss the Oral B site as each market segmentation process is utilized. So your response for Oral B should have five sections, one for each segmentation method.)

b) Which one of the five bases for segmentation applies most directly to each of the following companies? Explain your choice in each case.

Safe-T-Proof (

UPN Networks (

Expedia Travel (

MCI (consumer only)


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