Assignment Requirements


Select either a print ad from the ad library or a print ad (that you can verify is a “real” ad) from the Internet and discuss:

1) how the ad contributes to the consumer’s likely decision making strategy. Refer back to the PPT, lecture material and chapter material for consumer behavior. The PPTs identify how advertising cues are matched to the decision context (e.g. extended problem solvers need lots of information),

2) the kinds of benefits that are emphasized (functional, emotional, self-expressive) and how they are emphasized,

3) the type of elaboration that is likely to take place – which route to persuasion is most prominent in the ad (refer to materials on ELM, Elaboration Likelihood Model), and

4) the positioning theme(s) in the ad. Refer to the materials on benefit, user and competitive positioning in STP (Ch. 6). If more than one theme is present, indicate which theme you believe is primary.

For the ad you selected, write a SHORT (max 3 page double-spaced) commentary that answers the questions. Be sure to identify the ad you selected from the ad library or attach you internet ad or insert it into your write-up (it will not be counted as part of the 3-page limit). If you choose an ad from the Internet, be sure to source it.


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