Assignment Requirements


Select an ad from the print ad library (or you can choose a hard copy print ad from a magazine you have IF you can scan it or take a picture of it to attach with the assignment write-up). No Internet ads unless you can validate they are real. For the ad you choose, assess:

1) The use of copy (headline, subhead, body copy as applicable).

2) The use of illustration (purpose).

3) The design (do they follow the principles).

4) Identify what you believe to be the primary message strategy (objective of the ad and method used to achieve the objective) and any supporting strategies if important. Assess the use of copy, illustration and design in achieving the objectives and the method used to achieve them.

The write-up should be 3 double spaced pages max (excluding ad). Be sure to embed the ad (not included in max pages) in your write-up, or reference it in your write-up.


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