Music Video Analysis

Write an analysis of a music video, using Vernallis’s tools. You can analyze any video you want!You can model your analysis after some of Vernallis’s own analyses in the book, or create your own structure. But what does need to be clear is the relationship you discern between the song and how the song is animated through the techniques of the video. Is there a narrative?What is the narrative?Is the video translating the lyrics, or is it matching movement to certain elements of the song, such as the melody or the beat, etc?Is the band or artist the foreground of the video, or is it more like a film with a soundtrack?Remember that a music video’s initial purpose has always been to promote the song-however, with the technical developments of film, that has changed significantly into its own artistic value. Essay should be 5 pages long min, using MLA to cite both within the text as well as with a Works Cited page in the back. Make sure to cite the video itself in your Wrks Cited