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Assignment Requirements


Read a Business related article (dated within the last month from the State of Virginia Hampton roads area (Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, etc.) which relates to principles of marketing.
In other words, select an article in one of the various business publications which parallels the subject matter covered in principles of marketing. Some examples of these business publications are business journals, business magazines, trade and industry publications, and business-related newspapers (i.e., The Wall Street Journal, Barrons, The New York Times–especially its Sunday edition). DO NOT USE NON-BUSINESS SOURCES (i.e., Time, Newsweek, local newspapers).


CRITIQUE: How does the article parallel the subject matter covered in principles of marketing?

Analyze & summarize the article

SOURCE OF CURRENT READING ARTICLE: Presented in proper reference page, including page numbers.

• Author(s)SAINT LEO
• Edition/Copyright2ND 13
• PublisherPearson
• ISBN-101-256-55548-7
• ISBN-13978-1-256-55548-3
Article should relate to: Communicating Customer Value: Integrated Chapters 14, 15, and 16 Marketing Communications Strategy; Advertising and Public Relations; Personal Selling and Sales Promotion; Core Value Covered: Personal Development & Integrity

Core Values Outcome: Discuss, integrate and explain the relevance of Personal Development & Integrity in the context


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