No country for old men

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Subject matter: Consider McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men.
Identify conflict. How does the conflict move the action (plot)? What is McCarthy saying about people?
What questions in Unit 4 Discussions did you find intriguing? Find the one question for which you have a strong opinion and which you can answer with facts, direct quotations, and logic.
Write one sentence that explains your opinion. Congratulations, you have a thesis.
Write five to seven pages. Be clear. Use quotations. Consider the counter-argument.

Your essay should be argumentative, meaning that your thesis should be an opinion. You must defend your thesis through the use of rhetoric, logic, facts, direct quotations, and the consideration and refutation of counterarguments.

Essay guide

1.)Ask a question

2.) Write a thesis statement
( answer the question)

3.) Write an introduction
( including your thesis)

4.) Prove your thesis
Essay Body
– 3main reason
– 3 supporting ideas for each main reason

5.) Write your conclusion

Please have a careful look at all these sites.  Spend some time clicking around, and familiarize yourself with all of the resources each has to offer:

How to Write an Effective Essay.
How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay.

Here are two very good reference sites websites to remind you of grammar, syntax, argument, format, and style:
OWL: Purdue Writing Lab
UNC: Writing Tools

•    Thesis
The thesis is arguable, limited in scope, not descriptive or factual.  It presents an argument, demonstrates an awareness of audience, articulates the writer’s voice, and is clearly established.
•    Organization
Overall, the essay has a clear skeletal structure revealing an effective introduction/thesis paragraph, body, and conclusion that are logically integrated and internally coherent. The paragraphs progress logically and are not merely a collection. The transitions between paragraphs, sentences, and ideas are logical and smooth.
•    Development and Analysis
An adequate exploration of counter-arguments moves the essay beyond summary/paraphrase and shows how the evidence supports the thesis.  The thesis is maintained and fully explored throughout the essay. The essay employs appropriate rhetorical modes (e.g. definition, comparison/contrast) in a clear, engaged dialogue with the sources.
•    Research (when applicable)
The essay uses reliable and appropriate sources to reinforce the thesis or to explore counter-arguments. The borrowed information is not used in a cut-and-paste fashion or used simply as padding. The information is correctly cited in accordance with current MLA guidelines.
•    Sentence Level Skills/Syntax/Diction
The sentences and grammar produce an essay which is clear, fluent, graceful. The writer deploys a variety of sentence structures to enhance the total effect of the essay and uses precise language that expresses complex ideas. The prose contains no substantial errors of spelling, grammar, or format.