NTC 415 WK1

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Assignment: Create a 5-slide Presentation to include the following (be prepared to present in class and add narration to each slide’s notes area):.


  • Types of networks, how they differ based on organizational requirements, interconnected devices and geographical area served – Identify PROS and CONS (Slide One).
  • Describe the uses of directory services, DNS, DHCP, network management and remote access services. Generally, what do network services provide? (Slides Two and Three)
  • What are the characteristics of wireless LAN or WLAN in terms of their use in a wired Ethernet Lan environment? (Slides Four and Five)
    • When should they be used?
    • When should they be excluded?
    • What challenges doe organizations face when offering Wi-Fi to their employees, guests/visitors?


Format Your Slided require appropriate citations and references, minimum of three outside academic references are required in addition to using course texts and SkillSoft course materials.