Obscenity and pornography

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Each essay response is to be a minimum of three to four fully developed paragraphs in length. Rewriting the essay question is not considered a part of your response. Direct quotes are not to be used in test answers.

Answers are to be consistent with the requirements of the comprehensive test at the college level. The essays shall be written using a minimum of one scholarly reference and all references are to be notated in APA style.

1. Explain the differences between obscenity and pornography. Considering child and adult pornography, state the cases both for and against the belief that viewing pornography contributes to the commission of sex crimes.

2. What factors influence the accuracy of reporting sexual assault crimes years after the offense?

3. What role do social skills play in sexual offending? Why is it important to diagnose paraphilias?

4. Compare and contrast online and offline sexual abusers.  What are the similarities and differences between the two types of offenders?