Online Casino Technical Report

Assignment Requirements


*In week 1, your tutor will tell you which industry your organisation is related to.
The report must include the following:
1.0 The organisation
1.1 Provide a brief background to the organisation including its core business(es). State its vision and mission. (2 marks)
1.2 Identify the key goals needed to achieve its mission and vision. (4 marks)
1.3 Identify and assess the inherent risks pertaining to the achievement of these goals. (4 marks)

2.0 Identify all the business cycles necessary to achieve the key goals stated in 1.2 above. (5 marks)

3.0 Provide details of the REVENUE cycle provided in 2 above by drawing a context DFD, level 0 DFD, and document flowchart, and the data attributes required. (20 marks)

4.0 Create a database by linking the data files showing the attributes described in 3 above only using a relational database management system (RDBMS) of your choice (e.g. MS-Access, FileMaker, etc). (40 marks)

5.0 Design 3 data entry screens and 3 reports related to the business cycle in 4 above. The layout must be shown but there is no need to use the software used for 4 above. (5 marks) – Describe why screens and reports are necessary but attached screens and reports layout in the appendix.

6.0 List the controls to mitigate the inherent risks identified in 1.3 above. For each control, state the type of control – preventive, detective and corrective. (15 marks)

7.0 Written communication skill (5 marks).
Each of the seven points above will be a separate section in your report. As well as these sections, you should also include an introduction, a conclusion and a reference list. As well as the points shown above, 5 points will be awarded to your ability to communicate appropriately in written English.


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