Organisational Behaviour

Assignment Requirements


This is the struction and requirement of this essay.

Question is: Contrast and compare work-groups and work-teams on the basis of leadership, structure, relationships, performance, skill and accountability. As a manager of an organisation, what strategies would you employ to build a well performing work team and that could be done re-invigorate a mature team in your workplace.

1 You may find it useful to think about this essay question in separate but related parts;

2 The first part of the question is asking you to define and explain the similarities and differences between work groups and work teams from a number of perspectives or viewpoints;

3 The second part of the question asks you consider how theorotical ideas can be put into practice by asking you to suggest strategies that can be employed to build a new, well performing team and stimulate an exising team that has been operating for a period of time

4 Essay will need to provide all of these things as a minimum;(1) definitions of work groups and work teams. (2)A description of the similarities and differences between work groups and work teams.(3) A detailed description of how you would assemble and manage a successful team.(4) Examples which properly and fully illustrate your points.

5 For a piece of work of this length I would expect to see references to at least five academic works;( wikipedia will not be counted as academic reference)


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