Paraphrasing and adding depth to community engagement journal.

Assignment Requirements


Please Paraphrase and add more depth to the

This is to provide a clear picture of:
1. What you did for this activity,
2. Who, or what organization did you perform this activity for,
3. How your activity related to the emphasis of specifically ethics and social responsibility as they relate to environmental issues, if possible, and
4.Feelings about doing this activity and whether it causes you to want to continue to perform such activities in the future.

The activity I chose to do was to volunteer at the humane society. At the humane society I did a lot of different activities. Many of these activities included playing with the animals, feeding these animals, and cleaning the cages.

When playing with the animals I would walk the dogs, took the cats to the play room, and assisted people that were interested in adopting a pet by taking them to the right rooms and showing them the right pets. When feeding the animals I would just use a scooper to scoop the food out of the big trashcan where they kept it. When I cleaned the cages I would use a soap bottle thing that attached to the end of the hoes and would just spray out the cages.

These activities related to this class because they actually get their food donated in very big bulk so that they don’t have a bunch of smaller packages being used. They also recycle the old paper food bags. The thing that I really liked is that they actually refilled soap bottles instead of using a new one every time. These bottles they use are also BPA free too.

I really enjoyed doing this activity and would think about doing it more often. The only problem is that it would be really hard to find more free time to go out there, because I am taking 21 credit hours this semester. If I ever were to get more free time though, I will try to make my way back out there. I also was really surprised though on how environmentally friendly they are at the humane society. By them being so environmentally friendly I feel myself could do more stuff to be environmentally very easily.


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