Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010

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Use APA Format (Include in text citations and references)

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300 Word limit requirement each

Use complete sentences

Use scholarly sources



1) Healthcare reform begins with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010 at the Federal level and flows in many ways to state and local policies.

Using figure 3, “How a bill becomes a law,” select any area within this diagram. Using scholarly references and sources, describe any issue(s) that may have occurred during the process of the PPACA transforming from a bill to an actual law. For example, you can describe:

  •          How did “the people” influence the passage of this healthcare bill? (What evidence supports this?)

2) Much is written about the quality of health care and all health service organizations place a priority on this topic including having quality and oversight committees, metrics, and entire department’s dedicated to the oversight of quality outcomes.


The advent of the Affordable Care Act has also placed a priority on quality care in lieu of payment for quantity of care. As the focus shifts financially QUALITY and VALUE has become the new industry buzz word. As consumers become more savvy and involved in their health choices quality and reporting plays a big role.

This week utilize what you have learned about Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) in relation to a quality indicator of your choice in the health care field (Surgical Site Infection, HAI, LOS all of these types apply) and discuss what EBM supports improving these indicators and how do we currently or should we market this to the consumer (you can define consumer as the patient, provider, insurance provider etc. – don’t limit who is accessing the care or who it is important to). Be specific and think critically about this, instead of general statements of communicate to the consumer answer the how! Lots of literature about effective communication, trust and other aspects of marketing out there