Perspectives between public health and economic in obesity

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Reaction papers are 4-6 page original essays that generate some value-added to the course material; as such, summary of other sources should be kept to a minimum. Reaction papers may be informal in tone (e.g. first person) and may include normative discussion; however, each paper must contain some positive analysis and a consistent and professional method of acknowledging and citing all sources (i.e., quotations, footnotes and a formal reference list in a standard format). Reaction papers may critically review published research; expand or extend class discussion; analyze current news coverage or political debates; or even reflect on relevant personal experience including class lessons from other courses. Papers must demonstrate that the author has incorporated appropriate lessons from economics (e.g. use economic terminology and concepts appropriately). Reaction papers must be printed single-sided in 12 point font, double-spaced and with one-inch margins all around.