Stage 1(a): Define your issue as a question on which reasonable people may disagree.(1 page)
The first task is to select an ethical issue that you find provocative and important – an issue on which you believe there is more than one credible and legitimate point of view.The issue may be related to one of the “application” issues discussed in the latter chapters of your text, or in the readings within each chapter; or, it may be an ethical issue that has particular meaning and relevance to your own life.

Stage 1 (b):Identify at least two different, competing positions that have been articulated and promoted by respected thinkers in the appropriate field.Make sure to provide accurate citations in a separate Works Cited page.

Remember to identify the key claims of each perspective, and the key premises (reasons) supporting them.Relate these, where appropriate, to the ethical frameworks we have studied in this course.

Stage 2: Compose your own position paper. (2-3 pages)

Next, compose a well reasoned position paper in which you address the specific issue. Begin by evaluating, in essay form, the positions you have described, followed by a thesis of your own (which may agree or disagree, in whole or in part, with the previous positions). Be sure to make it clear whether you agree or disagree with each author, and why. Provide any support and/or clarification necessary to defend your view. These may include relevant facts, key definitions, helpful examples or illustrations, and the like.

Your paper will be graded on your demonstrated understanding of the respective positions, your ability to apply evaluative techniques consistent with the major ethical frameworks or perspectives we have studied, and the clarity and strength of the argument you present. Please remember to include your Works Cited, using standard MLA format.