Please see req and attachment

Assignment Requirements


the number of words I would need for this proposal is around 1500 I will make order for 1650 just in case we need to write more, of course once i get accepted on the course I hope we can work together on the chapters.

i will be applying for a PhD course in the law department of a university, so the research would need to have a major legal element.

i know corporate governance is a very wide area and that the area of research needs to be specific but i am struggling with that.

i know i want it to be in the area of corporate governance and i know laws for corporate governance just came out recently in Saudi Arabia and i also know that i want it to maybe be a comparative study with the united kingdom.

i was hoping you can use your expertise to come up with a working research question and title that we are both happy with so that i can place the order knowing that we have a starting point.

Could you come up with a few suggestions?

please use attached file as to the requirements of what needs to be included in the proposal as it is set out by the university


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