Podcast and Course Readings Discussion

Assignment Requirements


Instructions: ( This a Social Work Course)

Part One: LIsten to the Podcast (Smith, Strega and Jeffery, 2011) http://media.uvcs.uvic.ca/vod/mp3/sw356/cphd.htm
Do the following readings From the Required Readings Collection
• Taylor, Carolyn (2004) “Underpinning knowledge for child care practice: reconsidering child development theory”  Child & Family Social Work, Aug2004, Vol.9 Issue 3, p225-235, 11p

• From the Course text:Chapter 2 and 3 (Burman, 2008)

access and listen to the podcast.
The link to the podcast can be found at:

2. After listening to the podcast, take a few moments to reflect on what you learned and, using your Course Workbook and readings provided above, prepare responses to the following questions:
a. Consider your own situation and identify a time (or two) when you have faced conflicting principles and a context that is complex and requires reflection, rather than the straightforward application of theory or knowledge. What did you do? Who was available to help you think this through? What would have been helpful?
b. How did the podcast challenge or support your understanding of ‘normal’ human development? Draw on examples from your practice and/or lived experience.
c.  Strega, Smith and Jeffery discuss some of the many consequences of enacting normative ideals and standards of human development upon clients. What other consequences have you witnessed in your practice or experienced personally in this regard?

Part Two: Preparation of Individual Response to Study Questions

• prepare and post a summary (maximum 500 words) of your responses to the questions in Part One ( questions 2a through 2c). You may add any other insights you gained from listening to the podcast.
This summary may be written in either a narrative style or in point form as long as it is clear to your fellow learners and the instructor that you have read the material and that you have also reflected carefully on both the readings and each of the questions in Part One. You may use any word processing program to collect this summary

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