Policy analysis

Assignment Requirements


Policy and Curriculum Assignment Guidelines
You are assessed through ONE assignment of 4000 words.
Either: A critical analysis of an aspect of education policy that has been or is being implemented
Or: A critical analysis of a policy text
You are recommended to conduct your analysis using either a policy cycle model focusing on
different levels of interest and influence of the policy in practice (a Vidovich approach) or a critical
discourse analysis focusing on the text (a Fairclough approach). It is possible to combine the two
approaches but you are advised to proceed with caution if you choose this route. You are
encouraged to find an original perspective for your writing.
The topic area for your assignment is restricted to the three policy documents covered in the
module sessions. You are asked to express a first and second preference, but please also state your
pathway (M&L, MSE or SpLD) if applicable so that your choice may be aligned to your context.

• The policy for Higher Education (2011) from the Department for Business, Innovation and
• The sources, scope and expected outcomes of the policy
• The political, economic and social context and expected outcomes of the policy
• The theories and models of education, teaching and learning which the policy exemplifies
• The contexts within which the policy will be implemented
Additional Guidance
What follows is a potential structure for the assignment which you may find useful in writing your
assignment. You are not required to follow this structure. The words counts are also only suggestions.
It is up to you to determine the word count balance that best allows you to demonstrate the
Masters level skills set out in the ‘Typical Performance Indicators’ as set out in the MSc Education
Programme Handbook (available from the MSc Education Admin Blackboard).
Introduction (500 words)
• Identify the policy that you have selected as the focus for your critical analysis.
• Set out your statement of purpose in your assignment and identify the main audience for
your writing and how you hope they will benefit from engaging with your writing.
Methodology (300 words)
• Briefly sketch out the approach you are adopting for your analysis
Policy Analysis (1,350 words)
• Conduct your critical analysis of your selected policy, or policies using your chosen approach.
• Critically consider the evidence base on which the policy was developed.
University of Southampton MSc programme
Policy and Curriculum module, EDUC 6350, 2013‐14
Policy Implementation (Vidovitch) or Policy Interpretation (Fairclough/CDA) (1,350 words)
• Try to make clear links between your policy analysis and the implications of the policy for
education practice.
• Be critical of the extent to which the policy aims have been, or are likely to be achieved.
• Critically consider any existing evidence base for the extent of impact of the policy.
• If appropriate you may want to consider critically whether some of the wider political or
social contexts that you included in your policy analysis have affected the extent to which
the policy was successful in its implementation.
Conclusions and Recommendations (500 words)
• Discuss your main recommendations for future practice.
o make it clear which elements of your analysis and application in the main body of
the assignment form the basis for your recommendations
o make it clear whether your recommendations are for policy makers, or specific
education practitioners (e.g. regional school support, teachers, leaders, governors)
or a combination of these groups.
• Discuss the extent to which you think you have achieved your intended purpose for the

There are tow analysis method you can use one of them:

1- Critical discourse analysis (abbreviated as CDA)

2- Hybrid Policy Analysis (Vidovich)

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