Political and Social Philosophy

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The paper should have a clear thesis and an evaluative dimension (i.e., you should offer and defend a view).

Your assignment is to write an approximately 5-page paper (words, approximately, double spaced, normal fonts and margins) on a topic of your choosing that draws on readings from the second half (i.e., post-midterm) of class.  You need not do outside research, though you may cite anything from outside of the class readings that you find relevant

I have to compare Hannah Arrendts, Origin of Totalitarianism and the Marxs criticism of the politcal economy and his communist manifesto

•    Both Arendt and Marx are concerned with social forces at work in modern societies that, in their view, threaten to overwhelm and oppress individuals. Compare their views. Are their views complimentary or in conflict? Whose view accords more with your own?

Obviosuly I am more in accord with Marx and the communist Ideal because of its expansion and extension of modern societies to build a wider foundations for human happiness.