Post traumatic stress disorder

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The purpose of this final assignment, an educational outreach project, is to demonstrate that you have developed your understanding of your topic enough to educate others. Additionally, you will reveal your knowledge of your topic and ability to communicate with various audience types by creating educational resources for two separate groups. The final project has three components: 1. A 500-1000 word paper that includes: a) An overview/summary of your topic. b) An explanation of why you chose your topic. c) A description of two groups of people (audiences) who could benefit from learning about your topic. d) A description of an educational outreach resource you are going to create for each audience and why each resource is suitable for each audience. 2. An educational resource for audience # 1. 3. An educational resource for audience # 2. Examples of educational resources include, but are not limited to: pamphlets/brochures, posters, FAQ handouts, booklets, lesson pla