Assignment Requirements


Please refer to the word file attached. It contains the requirements of the project I want you to do. Please make sure that all requirements are followed. There are 4 parts to the assignment. Please make sure they are all done correctly and are labelled clearly too.

Thank You




I would like you to make an investments research for a Bachelor Degree and I want you to include for me the following:

An applied investment research paper on Nike’s Inc. stock.

The report should include the following:


  1. Data collection for 42 months ex. from Jan. 2, 2009 until June 1, 2012 for some key investment variables such as beta coefficient (Capital Gain Yield, Dividend Yield, Total Rate of Return, & S&P 500), the stock market rate of return, the risk-free rate, annual earnings, dividends, P/E ratio (forecast sales & Net profit margin, net income, etc. P/E should be between the range of 15 and 25) , and growth rate (constant growth Gordon model). on excel sheet.


  1. Utilizing the investment models and the collected data, and finding the expected price of the stock.  



  1. Comparing the expected price of the stock with its actual price, and making buy, sell, or hold recommendations.



  1. Analyzing the data collected, the expected things and recommendationson on Microsoft Word .


This research paper must contain the list of data sources and the raw data.  Excluding the data, the paper should not exceed ten pages.


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