Assignment Requirements


Between now and 5pm on June 8, 2014 use the FASB Codification system to
answer the 2 questions at the end of this document. These are essays!!! Make sure
you cite your sources using footnotes or endnotes containing the link to the source.
CSUSB subscription to the FASB Codification: go to the link to Academic Login
screen: [Important: Use this login screen to access the
research service.]
Student login information: Be careful — Case Sensitive
� Username:
� Password:
If you encounter a problem logging into the service, please carefully reenter the
appropriate USERNAME and PASSWORD. You may need to log out of your browser
window and try again. If you have more than one browser on your computer, switch to
a different browser. Sometimes, you may need to clear the browser’s “cache memory”
in clear up an access problem.
NOTE: The FASB Codification Research Service is the full-blown version of the
service used throughout the accounting profession.
This research service includes access to both FASB Accounting Standards
Codification and GASB Governmental Accounting Research System Online. The
follow-up screen to the login screen displays links to the FASB Codification and GASB
Governmental websites. Click the option (FASB) you want to use.
When accessing the FASB Accounting Standards Codification, you are required
to accept the license agreement. You will do this each time you enter one of the
research services. Use the “down scroll bar” on the right side of the license agreement
window to scroll to the bottom of the window. Click the “I accept” button. This should
take you to the appropriate web home page.
Log in, research, and prepare responses (Arial 12 point font, double spaced, no
page limit) to the following. Provide Codification references for your responses. DO
NOT COPY without giving reference to your source; use the FASB Codification as your
primary reference, use your knowledge to interpret the research. You should have just a
few quotes, the rest should be in your words. No later than 5pm on Monday, June 9,
2014 submit your answers in Word, Excel, or PDF formats to the link in Blackboard.
Bring a hard copy to class; these will be collected at the beginning of class. Paper
should be in Arial 12 point font, 1.5 or double spaced, at least 3 pages, no maximun. It
is ok to refer to you text in addition to the FASB codification system. Your primary
source must be the FASB Codification. 1. Define (see master glossary) Variable Interest (Entities).
2. Explain how to identify variable interest entities (VIEs) and how to determine
when a reporting entity should include the assets, liabilities, noncontrolling
interests, and results of activities of a VIE in its consolidated financial
Make sure you note your source, for example:
1. FASB Codification section 810-10-50
2. FASB Codification paragraph 946-10-15-2(a) through (d)
3. FASB Codification Master Glossary


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