Project Management

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Learning Readiness Exercise #1

Kindly answer the following questions, posting your answers to your assignments folder. Include your name within your file, which per our syllabus, should be in pdf format. This LRE, as with all LREs in the course, was developed and will be assessed by our AMBA 640 / AMBA 640 Hybrid Teaching Assistants: Christine Bailey, Mike Blanford, Darrell Bratton, Gina DiMaggio, Phillip Foust, Ross Kooiman, Bill Lock, Bob Neumeister, Manny Singh, and Richard Wagner.

1. Your PM experience:
a.I have prior experience in project management. Yes/No
b.I have used PM software. Yes/No

2. The Triple Constraint in PM refers to meeting simultaneously the requirements of time, cost and ___________.

3. After installing MS-Project (MSP) 2010 or 2013 (preferred because newer) (trial version found at, full version available via the UMUC-Microsoft Alliance “Dreamspark”), download and open the file, “LRE1_MPP_MS_Project_Renovation_Example.mpp”, attached below and also at mpp file, to answer the following questions:
a.When is this project expected to end?
b.What and when is the second milestone?
c.What are the last two tasks on the project critical path?

4. Using the following table of tasks,
a.Build using MSP an mpp file including a work breakdown structure and a Gantt chart showing the project critical path.
b.What does the critical path become if Task C takes three time units?



Time units required