Project Management

Assignment Requirements


The aim of this group project is to simulate the effect of working in industry (frequently you are part of a team).
1. Form a team of students that you are all comfortable working with (three students). The composition of the team and other team-related matters are your responsibility.
2. Select a topic from below (or your own topic upon the instructor´┐Żs approval) to work on.
a. A website for a school, a college or another business of your choice.
b. Course registration system development.
c. Fitness center admission and accounting system development.
d. Etc.
3. Send ASAP an email listing all members of your team and the topic you have chosen to [email protected].
4. The main milestones (counting for assessment) for the project are as follows:
a. Report: in addition to regular sections found in any report like introduction, conclusions, and list of references, additional sections include:
i. Project integration management (Charter, Stakeholders register, change control system)
ii. Project scope management (requirement gathering documentations, scope definition, WBS, WBS Dictionary, etc.)
iii. Project time management (ADM, PDM, etc.)
iv. Project cost management
v. Project human resource management
vi. Project communication resource management
For the aforementioned points you are asked to deliver missioned documents plus any applicable document we discuss throughout the course.
b. Presentation


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