Project Management Software Tools

Assignment Requirements

Two project management programs have been suggested for use in this module: Microsoft Project and OpenProj.

Microsoft offers a free 60-day trial of Microsoft Project 2007. The retail price for Microsoft Project (standard version) is $599.95. Microsoft Project runs on Microsoft Windows XP (with service pack 2), Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (with service pack 1), or a later operating system. Installation support is free, as is some support after installation. Further support can be purchased as a pay-per-use service or on an annual subscription. Documentation and tutorials are readily available. A server-based version is also available. You can access Microsoft Project using the University of Liverpool online library link, by following these steps:

Log on using your user name and password.
Click on the Apps Anywhere link.
Install the CITRIX application on your computer if it is not already installed.
Click on Office> Project 2007.
OpenProj 1.4 is available as a free download from the Internet. OpenProj has fewer features than Project-ON-Demand, which is software that you can access for a monthly subscription fee of $20.00 per user. OpenProj runs on Linux, Unix, Mac, or Windows computers. Limited documentation exists regarding OpenProj, and support may be available only if newer versions are released.

You are a project manager in a newly established construction company. The company comprises 12 team members working under two project managers. The company’s chief executive officer (CEO) is not keen on investing too much in a project management software tool without being convinced about the value of such an investment. Which project management software tool would you recommend to the CEO and why? Discuss the parameters that you would consider while making your choice.

Please find attached LEcture notes for this week, it might help writing this essay.


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