Project Outline and Annotated Bibliography

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I am doing a project on the Army’s risk assessments/ component risk management. Below is what is required for the homework assignment.


Homework Assignment:

Project Outline and Annotated Bibliography (3%)

The outline is the basic framework for the project. The outline must be organized in bullets and follow a logical format.

 The main components in the outline should include:

(1) Bulleted or numbered format (5%)

(2) Topic/title

(3) Assessment location

(4) Brief history of the site

(5) Potential stakeholders

(6) Introduction with overview of the project

(7) List of any proposed equipment for measurements (ruler, CO2 meter, light meter, measuring tape, pH strips or pH meter)

(8) Preliminary list of expected hazards: (expected hazards are working with 10k forklifts, rough terrain container handler and weather conditions i.e. sun, snow and rain) 

The annotated bibliography shall consist of citations to three peer-reviewed or official government documents that are cited in APA format, along with one or two sentences for each that indicate how information in that source will be used in your final term project or paper