Questions about Sundiata an epic of old Mali

Assignment Requirements


Please give an excellent answer for the following questions with your own response and thoughts.
11 Questions so, every 4 questions in a page you may write more if you need.

Note that my professor is African American and I am Muslim student so do not say anything contradict with us.

1.What qualities in Sundiata’s character define him as a hero? Use specifics to describe his strengths that helped him to defeat the evil Soumaoro.
2.Do you consider the griot to be a historian or a storyteller or a combination? Defend your answer.
3.What qualities make Soumaoro a bad ruler? Be specific.
4.What is the griot’s perception of mankind in general? How does this depiction help to explain the need for heroes like Sundiata?
5.What is the value of hospitality in Malian customary behavior? How is it shown to be useful or harmful depending on how it is used?
6. Why is patience so heavily stressed as a virtue by the griot? How does patience aid humans?
7.The griot suggests that his words are the strongest weapon a hero can have. Explain.
8.In the closing sections of the epic, the griot speaks of the mysteries of Mali that men are best not to pursue, and only the griot is privy to. What might these mysteries be? Use examples to support your conjecture.
9.In what ways is music seen to be important to Mali civilization?
10.Explain the role of magic in Mali. How is it used for good or evil? In what ways is it difficult to apply such terms to magic in general?
11.Compare the qualities of the epic Sundiata with other epics with which you are familiar. Is there something unique about the African epic or is there something universal that they share?


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