Reflection Paper – Media

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For this reflection paper you will be doing a mini-content analysis exercise. To gather your data, use one type of media (television program or commercial, a piece of music, magazine articles and advertisements, Blogs, online advertisements, etc.) that tells you something about our culture. Examine the media you selected. Is it aimed at a specific group; if so, who, and what led you to this conclusion? What does your example tell us about our culture? In other words, what is the ‘agenda?’ What might be some of the ‘hidden messages’ encoded in the piece of media you selected? What conclusions can you draw about society, culture, and the media from your example?

In your paper you must 1) identify the media you selected (name of publication or a url); 2) provide a brief summary of your observations; and, 3) clearly describe your analysis and conclusions.

All Reflection Papers should be between 3–4 pages in length, typed, double-spaced with 12 point font and 1-inch margins. Reflection papers must make use of reference materials (course materials or outside readings), and must include in-text citations for the quotes or references made in your essay as well as a bibliography.