Relationship between interest rate and stock price: Empirical evidence from UK

Assignment Requirements: Dissertation


I have already ordered and received the literature review related to this topic (order number: 81168776).I will be needing the rest of the dissertation chapters which are: Abstract- Introduction- Methodology- Results- Discussion- Conclusion and finally the executive summary which is free of charge and must be no more than 900 words. You can refer to the literature review for the topic. you will have to run a regression analysis OLS model with stock prices (market share index) as the Y, and the interest rate (lending rates) as the primary X. there will be another control variables X2 and X3 that i will leave it to you choice to decide (ex:price to earning ratio, profitability, etc). I will be attaching the literature review that you have completed for me earlier to have it as a reference + references list + data for the market share index(from FTSE 100) and lending rates(from bank of England). The study is during the last 10 years taking united-kingdom as the market of study. I will need all the tables and charts done on e-views for the OLS and of course the table of contents describing the chapter titles and sub-titles. The main topic of the dissertation will be how changes in interest rate affect changes in stock prices and if other variables (X2,X3) are significant.


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