Report For Human Resource Management

Assignment Requirements: Case Study


Prepare a case/report on orientation, training and development practices based on your recent work experience, or if doing the assignment as a group of students, on the basis of one or more students’ experiences, which will also provide you with a basis to compare experiences. If you have more than one recent work experience, base your report on only one experience. The following aspects are to be included in your report:

The structure of report will be :

1. Background to the organisation/s upon which you are basing your report. Include what the organisation/s – or part of the organisation/s in which you work – does; that is, their main business activities. Include the size of the company (e.g., how many employees the organisation, or the division in which you work, has);

2. Describe the orientation, training and development practices which you (or your group) experienced in the workplace. This means describing practices you experienced as they are, not as they should be (e.g., according to the text, articles etc). Explain to what extent, and how, if at all, the organisation/s uses these practices in order to organize and manage their personnel for performing their tasks effectively;

3. Critical evaluation – Conduct a critical evaluation of the orientation, training and development practices you (or your group) experienced based on the literature. This means you look at your experience/s with the orientation, training and development practices/s or other HR practices, and then examine the extent to which your experience with these practices (and your colleagues in the event of a group assignment) is consistent with how the text says orientation, training and development or other HR practices should be conducted. If students are working as a group, you compare experiences across the group too.

If your experience relates to a large organisation, compare your experience with the orientation, training and development practices prescribed in the text, as in general, these are relevant to large organisations. If your experience is based on a small to medium sized organisation (defined as an organisation with less than 200 employees), I will provide you with citations for relevant articles with which you may compare your experience;

4. Recommendations – with the above analysis as a background, give suggestions on how the orientation, training and development practices which you based your report, might be improved.


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