Research Paper

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Props of this research paper:
This is a research essay that builds upon your Annotated Bibliography, and therefore I will expect your tightly structured and argumentative essay to proceed via the support, discussion and interrogation of your research.

The following topics are intentionally broad in order to allow you to accommodate your particular research interests%u0432%u0402%u201Dtherefore you must narrow them down in order to provide your essay with a specific and argumentative thesis that can be convincingly pursued in the space available to you. I encourage you to come and meet with me to discuss your topic. Your essay and its apparatus%u0432%u0402%u201Dincluding its bibliography, references and endnotes%u0432%u0402%u201Dmust be formatted according to the MLA Handbook.

The topic I choose for this research paper is below:
Evaluate the Lacanian mirror stag fort heorizing film spectatorship. Evaluate the success and application of Lacanian psychoanalysis to the writing of two film theorists with respect to cinema.

Annotated Bibliography’s suggestion from professor
Be more specific about the nature and the stakes of my argument. The argument can emphasis on fantasy. Therefore, a fuller consideration of the role of fantasy in psychoanalysis would be helpful, Lacan’s mirror stage tells us a lot of there, as the ego is a fantasy- thus in one sense fantasy is always a fantasy of coherence, against the reality of lack.

Please add another source based on what I have right now, Dylan’s Evan’s An Introductory Dictionary of Laconian Psychoanalysis