Research paper

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A key challenge to Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and their staff is the ever-changing landscape in the Information Technology world.  CIOs must be concerned not only with overseeing the current operation of the IT Department and how it best supports the business strategy, but they must also be focused on the years ahead.  This is important, first to ensure that today’s technology decisions will likely align and be compatible with future requirements, and secondly, that the CIO is well versed in the trends so he or she can advise the business of the potential of technology advancements and concerns.  This will help the organization, overall, to make better business decisions.  Other members of the organization should have a general idea of these IT trends and be able to identify those that may help their particular area of the business.

Each member should select one of the topics listed below and then do some research. In your posting, you should define and explain the topic you chose.   Then you should explain how it could benefit an organization.  Be sure to differentiate it from other similar topics in the list. The topics are:





Public cloud

Platform-as-a-Service Private cloud
Infrastructure-as-a-Service Hybrid cloud
3D Printing Cloud computing
Web technology Internet of Things