Research Proposal

Assignment Requirements


Could you please complete the missing parts for the attached research proposal.

Missing parts:

1-   Summary of the proposal (in no more than 250 words) (1 page).

2-   Anticipated Outcomes (1 page).

3-   The request for funds (1 page).



Research proposal structure:

1-      Summary of the proposal(in no more than 250 words) (1 page).

2-      Introduction, in the form of a problem statement that includes at least one research question (2 pages).

3-      Literature review(4 pages).

4-      Research methods, including sampling design, the data sources you will use and, the likely field, laboratory and/or analytical methods you will use to analyse the empirical (primary or secondary) data (4 pages).

5-      Anticipated Outcomes (1 page).

6-      The request for funds, set out as a table. At a minimum you should include travel and accommodation costs, any costs associated with data purchase, equipment costs and costs associated with analysis (1 page).



For more details see below:

1-      Anticipated outcomes

It may seem strange to include anticipated outcomes in a research proposal. After all you haven’t yet done the research. But a short statement of your likely results is important for a number of reasons:

1. It acts as proof that you have reviewed the literature, identified the knowledge gap, and can identify the context of your results (or research).

2. It allows the people that review your proposals to:

a. See if they agree with the points under [1];

b. Judge whether the results expect to deliver are likely outcomes from the way you have designed your research, and how you have partitioned your time (and other resources). Put another way “are you promising too much?” [unfeasible] or “too little” [not worthy of the level of resource funding you seek]; and

c. Likely to lead to the award of the degree that you seek.

Anticipated results do not have to be detailed, but the main outcomes and how they will relate to the context of the research, knowledge gap, and research questions are normally required.

2-      Requests for resources

Most proposals seek some kind of funding. Things commonly asked for would be staff costs (e.g., PhD studentship, Research Assistant, Postdoctoral Fellow), travel costs, and equipment costs. We will use the sense of place class exercise to develop a request for funds.

These are the basic elements of a research proposal. The exact details will be published by the funding agency you are submitting a proposal too. Key points to consider when submitting a proposal are:

1. What is the funding agency looking to fund? Does my research fit their interests, or the details of a specific call for proposals?

2. What is the overall funding limit? Are there things they will or will not fund?

3. What is the deadline for submissions, and how and where do they have to be submitted?

4. What is the structure of the proposals that are looking for?

5. What is the page (or file size) limit of a proposal?

Funding agencies usually receive many more proposals than they can fund. Agencies usually to reject proposals that do not fit the criteria in a call for proposals (e.g., wrong topic, submitted late etc.)


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