Research Techniques

Assignment Requirements


Research the industry and competition for each of the fictional companies listed below:

Fiona’s Flowers, a local florist
Big Mike’s Bikes, a local bicycle shop
Simply Divine Design, a home furnishings store


Create a Mind Map and Word List for each of the following clients: Fiona’s Flowers, Big Mike’s Bikes, and Simply Divine Design. Samples of a Mind Map and Word List are presented in the assignment area.

The Mind Map should show a minimum of 4 levels of branching for each company. The Mind Map should be created by hand. The reason yours will be created by hand is so you are able to focus on the development of the assignment rather than the technical aspects of setting up the document.

Review the sample Mind Map. Notice how the first branch from the company name is basic, where as they branch out further we begin thinking more deeply about the idea itself. The further out the branches are, the less immediate the idea is to us.

The Word List should display a minimum of 50 descriptive words for each company. The Word List should be typed out in a Microsoft Word document.

Review the sample Word List. Notice how we have some basic ideas about the company again. As we begin to reach the higher number of words, we begin to see more unique words that may describe or relate to the company itself. If a word comes to your mind about the company, write it down. Don’t overthink what ideas may or may not be applicable.


Scan your mind maps. Keep the mind map and word list together for each of the 3 companies. Save all of your work within one Microsoft Word document. You can post your final assignment as either a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF.


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