Retail Transaction Programming Project

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The first 5 weeks of this class have set the stage for your first programming project. The skills you have developed in using tools such as Java, NetBeans, and UML and applying Java programming constructs such as selection, looping, classes, objects, and arrays will be crucial in the development of your first programming project.

Programming Project 1 provides you with the opportunity to apply all of the concepts you have covered in the first 5 weeks to create a program that emulates a system for handling purchases and other transactions at a retail store.

Download the Retail Transaction Programming Project document (located in this weeks Learning Resources) and carefully review the requirements.

You will then create a new project in NetBeans to implement Programming Project 1.

Your completed Programming Project 1 is due by Day 7 of Week 6.

Submit your completed Programming Project 1 by creating a zip archive of your Programming Project 1 NetBeans project folder and submitting the zip archive.