Risk Management

Assignment Requirements


The document that I sent you will eventually constitute your literature review and to achieve that what you have to do is to read it and organise it into some sort of order.

Then you need to research the subject of models and model building and having developed an understanding of the nature of models, taking the output of the literature review, you can then build your own model.

Then you need to research a range of available research methods in order to determine one that is most appropriate for your study.

You will then take your model into industry in order to test it or see the extent to which practicing managers like it and also to see how close it is what they do. As your model will have been built on theory, the test will really be to see how good is the theory.

How good, will be revealed by your reflection on the industrial feedback which will be presented in your conclusions chapter.

Finally you will finish with some recommendations that might be for abandonment or improvement of the model


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