Self-Reflective Essay

Assignment Requirements


The purpose of the self reflection or opinion essay is for students to examine how their history, values, emotions, and/or beliefs contribute to their understanding of class material or concepts. One of the primary requirements is the ability to look at oneself openly and honestly and to convey such awareness in the essay.

Your paper may be about any topic that interests you in the field of DEVOLPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY. However, the paper needs to reflect on and integrate your own biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial development from adolescence to adulthood as it relates to your topic.

-Opinion contains sophisticated concepts and goes well beyond material presented in class.
-Student explores in-depth how his/her own history or values contribute to holding the opinion; identifies and discusses life situations with great insight.
-Shows a sophisticated understanding of self and a willingness to explore and reveal personal values, emotions, and/or beliefs.
-Organization is logical and coherent with seamless flow across paragraphs.
-Mastery in the use of Standard English; sentences vary in structure; no mechanical or spelling errors.

Instructions for Writing the Self-reflective Essay:

-Your introductory paragraph should present a statement of self-reflection/opinion.
-The body of your paper should explore insights related to personal history; life situations, values, and emotions.
-Concluding paragraphs should summarize insights, personal values, and beliefs. Writing well is critical. Follow APA Style.

-Include references to our textbook from Chapters 14, 15, 16, and/or the Epilogue
***TEXTBOOK: Berger, K. S. (2012). The developing person through childhood and adolescence (9th ed.).
New York, NY: Worth Publishers. ***
-Four additional references to books/professional journals to support your self-reflection/opinion.

****If you need access to the TEXTBOOK which you need to include references please let me know! I have an online e book.


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