SHRM case study

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Continuing to use the SHRM case study about PAC Resources, Inc., students will present a second power point presentation that builds on the information from the first presentation and applies some of the additional material assigned in the class. Students will use the SWOT Analysis already completed and will propose at least three recommendations for changing the existing HR Domains (domains are areas such as compensation, training and development, information technology. In addition, students will describe if the recommendations add value to the areas of people, performance, information and/or workflow, and describe ways to institutionalize best practices in the recommended areas. Since HR departments communicate their Who, What and Why for their initiatives through a So That Statement, students will design an effective So That Statement for the HR function. The So That Statement provides the who, what and why for the HR department (students shared their beginning So That Statement in the discussion thread in week four). The presentation ends with a summary or the conclusions for the paper and a Reference Page including at least two scholarly references. (in text citations are to be provided in the content of the presentation).  Note section of the power point slides should be used for additional information:


  1.     Title Slide
  2.     Introduction and Purpose for the Presentation
  3.     Summary of SWOT Analysis (from first presentation)
  4.     Proposed Recommendations (at least three)
  5.     Identify if the recommendations add value to the areas of people, performance, information, and workflow, and description of  how to identify ways to institutionalize best practices in these areas
  6.     Justification for the Recommendations (using academic sources for support)
  7.     Recommended HR So That Statement (be sure to review Professor’s input in the discussion thread about your beginning So That statement
  8.     Summary or Conclusions
  9.     Reference Page (at least two sources must be of a scholarly nature)