Soccer Australia and the Crawford Report

Assignment Requirements


Ask Description: “Business Audit Report”

An Audit is an examination, assessment or a stock take.

Complete an audit of how the administration of Soccer in Australia has changed by comparing the sport before with after the implementation of the findings of the Independent Soccer Review Committee or “The Crawford Report”.
This audit in general terms involves a comparison of the administration of soccer pre versus post Crawford.
You will:
• Examine the Crawford report’s findings and describe how and why it considered that the administration of soccer needed to be changed.
• Complete a table to compare before Crawford with after Crawford in terms of the similarities and differences in the sport and its administrative structure.
• Analyse how the organisational culture of the sport is different now compared with before the Crawford Report was implemented?
• Describe and justify if and why post Crawford is an improvement on pre Crawford outcomes and conditions.
Length: 2500-3000 words
The following are starting point references; you are expected to use these and to undertake searches to find additional references)
Crawford, D. (2003). Report of the Independent Soccer Review Committee into the structure, governance and management of soccer in Australia. Belconnen, ACT: Australian Sports Commission.
Lock, D.(2009). Fan perspectives of change in the A-League. Soccer & Society 10(1), 109-123
Skinner, J., Zakus, D.H. & Edwards, A. (2008). Nations and ethnicities: Coming in from the margins:
Ethnicity, community support and the rebranding of Australian soccer. Soccer & Society 9(3), 394-404.
Task Procedure:
A word of warning: You are examining the administration of soccer. Do not take a fan and therefore fanatical view if you follow soccer. On the other hand if you are not a fan of soccer do not take a biased view of the failings of soccer. Your report needs to be logical, objective, unbiased and balanced. It also needs to be supported by reasoned arguments, facts, figures and referenced statements from supporting research.
1. Start by examining the Crawford Report. Conclude from your reading what Crawford outlined in terms of what needed to be changed in soccer and why.
2. Construct a table with main column headings of administration of soccer pre Crawford and another post Crawford. Summarise the differences in the administration in each time period, stating in what way pre was different to post or vice versa. You might like to classify these under subheadings like; number of clubs and location, Funding sources, mission,
MM156/MM112 Sports Administration
administrators etc. Then go on to examine any similarities. After the table make a summative
statement highlighting standout differences and similarities.
3. Define organisational culture. Outline the dimensions of organisational culture. This will be
broader than ethnicity; it will look at positive and negative elements as well as what has changed in the culture, how and why it has changed. You might reflect on what else could be changed and why.
4. The last section is a critical part of the report. Here you are expected to make a considered and well-argued evaluation supported by facts and perhaps figures to justify whether post Crawford soccer is administered better than pre Crawford. In conclusion you might like to take a longer term view and suggest how else it might be changed, how and why you suggest these changes. This could take the form of comparing what the mission says the sport will achieve with what it actually achieves. Alternatively you might look at what KPI’s might be used to drive a comparison of pre with post. Maybe also look at media reports pre with post. What scandals and criticisms have been publicised recently about the sport? Is the new CEO appointment, marque players etc a positive move, etc


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