During Week 5, we studied social stratification and how it influences what goes on in many social interactions among people. After you have read the reading assignment and lecture for this week, please respond to all parts of the discussion by Saturday, December 20, 2014:
1. What are some of the factors that affect social mobility? Can these be overcome?
2. Do you believe the structural-functionalist or the social conflict approach best explains social stratification? Why?
3. How does the media reflect attitudes on gender as far as depicting women and men in very traditional roles? Provide two detailed examples that substantiate your points—these can be an advertisement, television show, website, or magazine. When you think of various groups (race, class, and gender) in society, which ones have the most power and which ones have the least? Using Intersection Theory, identify two groups that have unequal amounts of power and resources, being specific and using the text and outside resources. For each group, has the power dynamic changed over time? Do you think it will change in the future? Why or why not?
Remember to respond to the posts of at least two other students in the class.