Assignment Requirements

This is a sociology paper which required two to three pages writing. And it is the Step 3 which requires to research on the citation within the article.(details are listed below). The citation that you will be research on is the book called Imaginary Social Words, John Caughey(1984)which is in the relationship box. However,you do not need to worry about the relationship box. If you need to see the relationship box, you can email me and I will give you my chegg account in order to let you read the article. The one you need you research on is the resource that author cited in the article. So, you do not need to have any other references.

The following are the details of requirements.
Step 3: Research Article Review

Having reviewed the existing In Relationships Box and given some thought to how it can be revised and improved you will now turn your attention to the sociological research upon which the Box is based. Your chosen box includes at least one research article published in a social scientific journal. Articles that report on sociological research studies are published in academic journals that have titles like The American Sociological Review, Symbolic Interaction and Personality and Social Psychology Review. Begin by looking up ONE research article cited in your chosen Box (if your box references more than one research article you must choose which one to review) in the textbook’s References section and downloading it from the PSU library at

Your chosen Box may also cite newspaper or magazine articles, websites, or books but for this step you will review the research article only.

Reviewing a Research Article

For this step you will rely primarily on the material covered in the Lesson on Research Methods so be prepared to review the reading, lecture, and learning activities on that topic.

Your job in step 3 is to walk your instructor through the study by addressing the following questions: (1) What was the purpose or goal of this research? (2) How did the author(s) conduct their research? (3) What did the researchers ultimately accomplish? It should take you approximately 2 to 3 pages to adequately answer these questions. The purpose of reviewing a sociological research article is to give you a deeper understanding of the study behind the “story” told in your chosen Box. You will need this in-depth understanding of your article in order to improve the way the Box summarizes information from this research study.

What was the purpose or goal of this research?

To answer the first question, you must recognize what the purpose of the research was. What research question(s) does the study seek to answer? Are any research hypotheses stated? Is this research basic or applied? Is the intent of the study to explore, explain, or describe social phenomena? Is the study designed to test a theory, develop a new theory, or explain relationships between variables? Are there ethical issues that the researchers had to address?

How did the author(s) do the research?

To answer the second question, you need to identify the research method used. First you must determine whether the study was quantitative or qualitative. Second, explain what research method was used: ethnography, interviews, surveys, existing sources, or experiments? Be sure to provide some details about who or what was studied and how data were collected and analyzed.

What did the researcher(s) ultimately accomplish?

Finally, you should read the article with an eye towards what the author(s) accomplished (or claimed to accomplish) with their research. What are the important results? What does this study contribute to our understanding of the social phenomena being studied? What are the limitations of the study? What are the next steps in this research agenda?

Turn in your two to three-page Research Article Review to the instructor for evaluation (worth 20 points)

Step 3 Grading Rubric

Criterion Below Average
6 or less points per criterion Satisfactory
7-8 points per criterion Excellent
9-10 points per criterion
3 questions about the Article Inadequately answers some or all required questions Adequately answers all questions Comprehensively answers all questions
Explanation of Research Methods Unclear, incorrect or incomplete discussion of research methods Research methods clearly discussed Research methods clearly explained and critiqued


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