Staffing System Management

The multiple and complex set of activities collectively known as a staffing system must be integrated and coordinated throughout the organization. Such management of the staffing system requires both careful administration and evaluation, as well as compliance with legal mandates. For this assignment, you will research staffing system management narrated PowerPoint summarizing your findings.
*Narration should be left in the notes section of the powerpoint slides so I can read and record it myself.

Assignment – Your presentation should respond to the following questions:

What are the advantages of having a centralized staffing function?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing part of, or the entire, staffing system to a vendor?
What methods can be used to create awareness of the legal requirements of staffing systems?
Why is employee record keeping important?

In your presentation, read or display each question before you start answering it.
Throughout your presentation, you should discuss examples from existing companies.
Support your presentation by citing at least four credible sources, in addition to the textbook. These sources can include articles and videos that are posted in the course.
Your presentation should be no longer than 5 minutes.

In addition to submitting your recorded presentation, you should submit a Works Cited page, formatted according to MLA guidelines. Note: If you choose to do a narrated PowerPoint presentation, you may add a separate slide at the end listing your sources.