Student as teachers

This is a profile Essay. In this essay I will be interviewing a girl named Jenny. She is a student math tutor.She attend math 141 just like me and I’m supposed to interview her and do some observation. I need to quote directly and summarize the information I gain from the interview, but I didn’t interview anyone, so feel free to make things up.

Here are part of the guideline:
To organize your essay, you should begin with a clear, strong introductory paragraph. You must create cohesive body paragraphs with topic sentences and evidence. The paragraphs should include transitions to logically connect ideas. In these body paragraphs, you should group information into related topics. In the conclusion, you should reflect on your topic’s value and purpose to the community, answering the questions: What is your opinion about the topic? The structure of your own essay should model the sample profile essays that we’ll read in class.(I will sent the sample essay in the additional materials)