Teaching Philosophy & M Foucault

Assignment Requirements

Professional Dialogues-Education. (M Foucault)

NB: No extension will be granted due to the time dimension.

Length: 3000 words max-excl epigraph & references/quotes.)


1.Develop your own philosophy of teaching. Using original sources from Foucault and associated wider reading link your own philosophy to Foucault’s work. Focus on mainly on one or two areas from the list below:


Link your teaching philosophy to M Foucaults work on the Telos, Care of the self, leadership model and other relevant concepts.

2. Choose a relevant passage from Foucault as an epigraph for your discussion. Use the passage below or find your own.

‘Relations of power are not in themselves forms of repression. But what happens is that, in society, in most societies, organizations are created to freeze the relations of power, hold those relations in a state of asymmetry, so that a certain number of persons get an advantage, socially, economically, politically, institutionally, etc. And this totally freezes the situation. That’s what one calls power in the strict sense of the term: it’s a specific type of power relation that has been institutionalized, frozen, immobilized, to the profit of some and to the detriment of others.’

Michel Foucault. Power, Moral Values, and the Intellectual. An Interview with Michel Foucault by Michael Bess, History of the Present 4 (Spring 1988), p. 1.

3. Interview a Principal briefly (Add to the appendix-275 words approx) about his/her philosophy and integrate the content/themes into the assignment.


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