Technology and Early Childhood Education

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There is considerable discussion and a wide body of research about technology and its place in early childhood education. Write a short analysis paper examining the role of technology in early childhood education.

  • Discuss ways to effectively integrate technology into a developmentally appropriate early childhood education program.
  • Describe how technology can be used to adapt instruction for children with special needs and for those who are learning English.
  • Recommend how to use technology in regard to early childhood education for teachers and parents.

The paper should be two to three pages in length, not including title and reference pages. Use at least two references in addition to your text. You must cite each reference in your paper at least once.

Your paper should be written using the following writing guidelines:

  • Use of graduate level writing with no grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • Use of writing conventions such as good topic sentences, sub-headings, and transitions for ease of understanding.
  • Formatted according to 6th edition APA style