The Allegory of the Cave’ by Plato

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Professor’s Note: “A meta-context is a lens through which we see the world. It is a set of givens or assumptions, a system of values and ideas through which we filter new data. It is a schema. When we read, our meta-context affects how we read and how we find meaning in a text. WRITE AN ESSAY IN WHICH YOU EXPLAIN THE META-CONTEXT THAT YOU BRING TO ‘THE ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE’. How do you accommodate the ideas of the text? What assumptions does the text make that challenge you, disturb you, or seem right or wrong? What assumptions do you accept and what assumptions do you resist? The meta-context exists prior to the text you read. In other words, you already have certain ideas and perspectives about a variety of subjects. This assignment asks you to identify four or five assumptions you bring to the text and to explain how your worldview predisposes your thinking about the text.”