The Crying of Lot 49 primarily deals with the identity crisis of the individual in post-war America. Discuss.

Assignment Requirements


Between 600 and 625 words. A couple of paragraphs will not suffice.
Make use of evidence from the primary texts.
Answers should be typed and double-spaced on numbered pages in 12-point
Times New Roman, Garamond or another readable font.
A bibliography list of works cited following the MLA Style Manual must be
provided at the end of the document.
Please use the MLA format (including in essay citations, footnotes or endnotes, the title page, and list of works cited).
Refer to the MLA style guide (found online) if you are unsure about any of the
Please use at the very least three secondary sources.
Scholarly sources include articles in academic journals (both online and print), monographs, academic websites, and critiques by academics, philosophers, theorists, and translators on your primary texts.
Brief references to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other source materials to document historical facts and other information that merely supports your argument should be considered separate from the secondary sources. Please do not use Schmoop, Sparknotes, Gradesaver, Wikipedia or any other of those quick fixes.


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