The Humanities culture Continuity, and change

This is what I need done I have 4 weeks left in this class basically what I want is someone to finish the last 4 weeks, you would be Posting in the discussions and you have to reply once, she is very hard on grammer proper sentences basically she is witch with a capital B. So what I need is someone to Post, and every week there is a quiz it is only 10 questions. I would need you weekly till this Semester is over. I am having major back surgery so I just can not do this. If we can agree on a Price I will pay you every Monday Morning of course I would do the handshake, please if this is not your Best Subject please just do not even answer. I am willing to pay the right person what they think this would be worth to you. I wil give you my link so you could go in on my account and just take care of all she ask. If by some chance she wants anymore Essays I will pay for that as well I do not think there are anymore Essays. Thank you all in advance , also I will pauy you weekly Thanks again